These are the Pieces that I wrote to get ready for the Pssa.

This is my story about my favorite place.

My favorite place to spend time is in the woods. Not any particular patch of woods, I just like any place that has woods around it. In the woods there are many things you can do. Some kids like to make a campfires, camp out in tents, go bird watching, and even play paintball wars. The things I like to do the most is breath in the fresh air, make things with the unlimited supply of sticks, and listen to the sounds of the wilderness. Those are only three of the things I like to do in the woods.

There are millions of trees in the woods. They breath in the air we breath out and we breath in the air they make. That is called Photosynthesis. When I go into the woods I stand still and breathe in and out as deeply as I can. What a wonderful thing it is to breathe in the freshly made air. Next time you're in the woods try to breathe deeply in and out.

I also like the woods because they have an unlimited supply of sticks. You can do many things with sticks. You can make forts, bridges, dams, and even make believe swords. You could also play pirates and pretend you are on your ship with your mighty crew. Taking over every kingdom in your path. Or even you could play knights and protect your king from goblins and trolls. For both of those things you would have to have more people than just you. Those are only a couple of things you could do with your unlimited supply of sticks.

What do you also like about the woods? The atmosphere, the animals, or maybe even the shade under the trees. I also like the sounds of millions of birds, bugs, animals, and maybe if there is a running stream near by. Running down the hill like an avalanche of snow running down a huge snow covered mountain. Others may not think this but I think all of that is peaceful. I will never deny it.

In conclusion, my most favorite place to be is in the woods. It is my favorite place to be because of the fresh air, the unlimited supply of sticks, and the sounds of the wilderness. That is why the woods is my favorite place to spend time.

This is a story about an unusual kid.

Have you ever did anything to help others? A kid named Brandon did.With his action he saved a lot of people.Brandon was a new student at St. Wilson High. No one ever really knew where he came from. All they knew was he was very smart. He would get straight A’s every semester. He would only answer when he was called on or asked a question. He wasn’t like the other boys. He never got in trouble at all.He was bullied and he didn’t do anything about it. When he saw someone else getting bullied he would stand up for that person. He was never absent and never late. Teachers didn’t know a lot about him and they never would.

One day that all changed. On October 15th 1973 there was a fire at St. Wilson High. It started from a science project at the science fair. The fire became very large. Many classrooms and hallways were already destroyed by the time the firemen got there. You could probably hear the ambulances from a mile away. Luckily all the students got out of the building just in the nick of time but not all the teachers did. All the entrances were engulfed in flames. The firemen were dumbfounded because of the sight of the fire. They didn’t know what to do. They did know that every second they wasted the fire could be getting to or already be at the trapped teachers inside. Will they ever get out?

St. Wilson High was as big as the Eiffel Tower laying over on one side.They had to call in helicopters the size of a basketball court to try to put the fire out.That still didn’t work.The fire had been burning for at least an hour.It started at 10:00 o'clock and the fire is still getting stronger.At about 11:10 two firemen named Ryan and Gavin got ready to go into the school.The students watched those two brave men walk past them.Both carrying an ax in one hand and their lives in another.They were able to smash a hole in the wall just big enough for both of them to fit through.The students watched them walk into the red flames destroying everything in their path.The students wondered if they were ever going to come out again.They wondered so much they probably thought they would get a migraine.

It has been 30 minutes since the two brave firemen went into the burning building.Out of no where Brandon steps out of the crowd and heads for the hole in the wall.Everybody starts yelling at him with caution in their voices.The kids and the teachers shout at him saying “stay away”, “come back.”The firemen say “boy get back here”, “You are going to get hurt.”The firemen rush toward Brandon trying to make him to stay away from the fire.He didn’t listen.All he had on his mind was the people stuck inside that might never return to their everyday lives.At that moment he felt a burst of energy run through him like a power line absorbing the highly dangerous electricity.He sprinted into the building.Maybe never to be seen again.You could hear the crackling of the burnt objects inside.It has been 10 minutes since Brandon went in.Suddenly you could see a black shadow on fire walking out of the flames. Who was it?

It was Brandon.Totally burning in flames. He had all of the missing teachers and firemen on his shoulders.He laid all of them down on the concrete and then rushed back into the building as the hole in the wall collapsed.The people that got trapped in the building were ok.They checked the the school for Brandon's body but they found nothing not even his bones.The mystery of Brandon’s action is still a mystery today.After that day no one ever saw him again.

This is a narrative story about the best time of day to do a demanding task.

When I have a demanding task to do I make a plan. My demanding task is practicing for baseball. I think the best time of day to do this is in the afternoon. I have three reasons to prove it. My first reason is after school I am not tired. My next reason is my dad comes home from work in the afternoon. My last reason is it is still light outside. That is why I think my demanding task is better to do in the afternoon.

In the afternoon I am wide awake. After school I have just been energized with food from lunch. If I would practice baseball in the morning I wouldn’t feel like going outside in the cool air. Also I am not a morning person. I like to sleep in a lot. If I would try to go outside in the morning I would get yelled at by the neighbors or my mom. That is why I think practicing for baseball in the afternoon is better.

Almost every day my dad comes home at five oclock. When he comes home I have already been outside for an hour. He gets out of his car and goes to the back door. He usually glances back at the back yard because he knows i’m practicing for my baseball games. When I see him watching me I ask him if he wants to pitch to me. He usually says yes and tells me he will be right out. He goes inside and gets dressed then comes right out. The whole time me and my dad are practicing we play catch. That is again why I think practicing for baseball is better in the afternoon.

Spring nights are always shining with light over my head. I usually practice pop flys with my throwing net. It is so light out I could probably see a bird flying through the air a half a mile away. When I throw my baseball at the net it flies off into the air. I put my glove and hope to catch it. I would only do that in the morning because I can’t see. In the afternoon I would watch the ball fly into my glove. That is another reason why I think practicing for baseball in the afternoon is way better than practicing any other time of the day.

In conclusion, I think practicing for baseball is better to do in the afternoon. Here are my three reasons to prove it. My first reason is after school I am not lazy and tired. My next reason is my dad comes home from work in the afternoon. My last reason is it is still light outside. That is why I think practicing for baseball is better to do in the afternoon.