These are the stories I wrote this year during Writing Class.

This is a writing piece about Duck Hunting I did this year.

Josiah B.
Duck Hunting
Duck hunting is a type of hunting. Instead of killing deer or squirrels you kill ducks. If you’re hunting duck, you have to know what kind you are hunting for. If it is mallard, wood duck, green-winged teal, canvas back, common golden eye, or lesser scaup. Because in the fall the ducks migrate south and in the spring they migrate back to their homeland, that is probably the best time of year to go duck hunting. Ducks live in different environments throughout the world. They live in marshes, lakes, rivers, and open crop fields. They live there so they can hide from their predators.

Hunters use a little fort for duck hunting. They are called blinds. Hunters sit in them to hide from ducks. Some hunters even have blinds on boats. The type of boat I would recommend are Jon boats. They have a flat surface on the bottom so hunters can keep their balance. There is a couple ways to attract ducks. One way is you can use duck decoys. Hunters put out the kind of duck decoy as the kind of duck they are trying to hunt. Ducks usually land beside the same kind of duck they are. Another way to attract ducks is to use duck calls. Duck calls are a little tube with a reed in it. When you blow into it, it sounds like a duck. Hunters use the same kind of duck call as the same kind of duck they are trying to hunt.

To kill ducks, hunters shoot them. When ducks get shot, they fall out of the sky like a plane when it run out of gas. There is a type of shooting hunters use. It is called jump shooting. Hunters sit down in their blind and wait until they hear wings. Then they jump up and shoot them as fast as they can. Once a hunter shoots a duck they aren’t going to get it themselves. That’s why they bring hunting dogs. Duck hunters use three popular duck hunting dog breeds. They are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Chesapeake Bays. Those are the most popular duck hunting dog breeds.

Duck hunters just don’t use any kind of gun they can find. They use a certain type of gun and they are called Shotguns. There are three different kinds of shotguns hunters use. They are Double-Barrel, Pump, and Semi-Automatic. The kind of shot gun I would recommend are Semi-Automatic. I would recommend it because it is gas operated. When you shoot the ammunition out of it shell the gas pushes out the shell and when you slide the forestock it brings up a new one. The forestock is located under the barrel. A shell is a little round container that holds shot in it. Shot is steel pellets in a shell. You can buy different types of shells with different kinds of shot in it.

There are 12 ways to represent a good and responsible hunter. Number 1, treat all guns as if they were loaded. Number 2, do not point a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot. Number 3, make sure to identify the target before shooting. You should have a clear view of the target Number 4, keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you want to shoot. Number 5, always control the direction of the barrel. Never point it at other people. Number 6, keep the safety on unless you want to shoot. Number 7, keep your gun unloaded if you're not using it. Unload a gun immediately after you are done using it. Number 8, keep different shells separate from each other. Number 9, do not shoot at hard surfaces. The bullets or pellets could bounce off these surfaces and hurt someone. Number 10, always check what is beyond your target. Bullets or pellets that miss the target may hit an object, person, or animal beyond the target. Number 11, make sure the barrel is clear after a fall. A barrel that is blocked by an object may burst. Number 12, do not lean a gun anywhere it may slip and fall. In conclusion, always be safe during a hunt. Remember to follow the gun safety rules. Have fun hunting.