This is my poetry. I wrote free-verse poems in class.Enjoy!

This is what I worked on about the Civil Rights Movement.

This is a free verse poem I did this year about Deer Hunting.

The Deer Hunt


Sitting in a deer stand

Breathing heavily

Trying to keep calm and quiet

Listening to the sound of night

Wolves howling at the moon

Stalking their prey

No more scratching of the squirrels

No more chasing of the chipmunks

Waiting till day break

Waiting for the chipmunks and squirrels to awake

I slowly close my eyes and drift off to sleep

When I awake day break is finally here

Now it is my turn to get my head into gear

Waiting for the footsteps of a deer

Crunching in the leaves

Crunch, crunch

I hear a deer

Know it is my turn to strike

I pull my bow back

Then silently let the arrow free

It breaks the wind as fast as a cheetah

Then it pierces the deer’s body

I have finally have snagged my deer

By:Josiah B